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What Should Be Considered in Air Conditioning Installation?

What Should Be Considered in Air Conditioning Installation?

What Should Be Considered in Air Conditioning Installation?

How to Install Air Conditioner?

Incomplete air conditioning installation will cause the air conditioner to consume more energy and will create problems both in terms of economy and health. For this reason, your air conditioner will not work as you want it, and will cause a decrease in performance and cause it to break down constantly.

If you receive installation services from people and services that are not reliable financially and most importantly in terms of health, you may be alone with irreversible problems.

Air Conditioner Installation Authorized Service Application Stages

The installer must be an expert and successful in his job. Considerations for air conditioning installation are as follows:

  • The area to be worked on must be durable.
  • The connection apparatus should be chosen correctly according to the floor where the assembly will be made.
  • There should be no other devices around the air conditioner where gas leakage may occur.
  • The area where the work will be carried out should not be in contact with snow, rain and dust.
  • The device should not be installed near doors.
  • The mounting location should not be at a point where it may damage other electronic devices.
  • Do not work in a way that will damage the decor during assembly.
  • During the assembly, the carrier columns of the building should not be interfered with.

Correct Air Conditioner Installation Will Make Your Living Spaces Safe!

The installation and assembly process of the air conditioner, which we expect to fulfill its task completely, should be carried out according to the rules specified in the catalogs. The user’s opinions should be taken into account on the area where the air conditioner will be installed, and the installation should be done after a common consensus is reached. If the user’s request for the installation location is not technically appropriate, the reasons should be explained and the installation should not be done.

Faulty operations are directly related to the operating efficiency and life of the air conditioner and are under the responsibility of authorized services.


It is important that the assemblies are made by authorized services. Problems arise in installations made by people who do not have sufficient knowledge and equipment. Air conditioner installation teams should also pay attention to the following issues while performing their work:

  • Determination of the mounting location
  • Correct copper pipe and drainage installation
  • Correct purging and vacuuming
  • Correct refrigerant charge
  • Suitable voltage
  • Checks to be made before starting
  • Checking the compatibility of the values obtained after the start-up with the catalog data

Installations made without errors offer you long-lasting useWorking with experienced people will increase efficiency and this is the most important in terms of security.

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