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Spiral Clamped Ventilation Duct

Spiral Clamped Ventilation Duct

Spiral Clamped Ventilation Duct

Spiral clamped ventilation ducts are produced from galvanized or stainless steel sheet in rolls, with a circular clamping system, in fully automatic round duct machines.

Today, energy losses caused by leakages in standard air ducts have been reduced to almost non-existent levels, even at high speeds and pressures, with the sealing created in spiral clamped ducts.

Due to its aesthetic design and contemporary modern structure, it adapts to decoration applications and modern designs.

Spiral Clamped Ventilation Duct can be manufactured internally or externally insulated with rubber, nfaf, etc. materials for acoustic or thermal insulation.

It can be produced with electrostatic powder paint in the desired RAL codes. Production is made in the desired sheet thickness from 0.50 mm to 1.00 mm.
All our duct productions are used between -30°C and +100°C.

Fittings materials are automatically cut on the plasma bench to minimize wastage with maximum precision in the dimensions given to the computer.
It is possible to manufacture in one piece up to 6 meters with the options of manufacturing in standard or desired diameters from Ø 100 mm to Ø 1600 mm.

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