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Round Ventilation Duct

Round Ventilation Duct

Spiral Kenetli Havalandırma Kanalları

Round Ventilation Duct

Round Ventilation Duct, also known as spiral air duct, is the name given to the air duct system used in low ceiling areas where suspended ceilings and high ceilings are not applied. These air ducts suffer less pressure loss than other prismatic sided air ducts. Round Ventilation Duct is produced from stainless or galvanized sheet in roll form, in automatic round duct machines with circular clamping system. The high amount of energy losses caused by leakages in the conventionally used air ducts have been reduced to very low levels, even at pressure and high speeds, thanks to the sealing made in the round air ducts. Round Air Ducts are generally preferred in places where high, open and suspended ceiling applications are not made. It has high sealing and causes less pressure loss than rectangular air duct systems. The standards of the sheet used in the production are EN 10346, EN10143 and TS822. Sheet surface zinc coating amounts are 275 and 100 gr/m2 zinc coating amount as standard, according to the three-point principle. We work with high-quality companies in Turkey with high production capacity so that production is always of the same quality and standard.

Round Ventilation Duct

As it is known, Ventilation Channels provide fresh air to the environment by expelling the polluted air in the environment. Air quality in indoor spaces where people or materials are present decreases over time. Parallel to this decrease, the ambient air begins to prevent healthy breathing. Bad weather also begins to damage the materials in the environment and leave an odor. Ventilation applications are made to solve this problem in closed spaces where there is not enough air flow. Ventilation ducts are the devices that enable these applications to be carried out in a healthy way. Air is transported through these channels and released to the environment. The bad air in the environment is thus renewed and becomes healthier. According to the air pressure, the ducts can be classified as low, medium and high pressure. The pressure here is the total fan pressure of the system and includes the losses in the ventilation devices, duct losses and vent losses.

Ventilation ducts are indispensable equipment of ventilation systems. It is the equipment that gives the air outside or the outside air in the environment. Air ducts should be designed according to the structural condition of the space, the number of compartments, and factors such as dust, odor, smoke and heat in the environment. In addition to many technical issues such as the air flow to be used in these ducts, the structure of the duct, corners, duct lengths, the decoration of the space is also effective. The structure (design and raw material) of the channels to be used should not spoil the decor of the environment. The air sucked in by the ventilators installed in the space compartments or in large areas is transferred to the inside by means of the air ducts drawn from the outside, as well as being thrown out through the ducts.

Round Ventilation Duct is compatible with many decoration applications and modern designs due to its aesthetic appearance and contemporary structure. Product prices vary according to various features and quality. Accordingly, it is possible to see many different prices on the round air duct prices from company to company and from quality to quality. Round air ducts also do not harm the aesthetics of the environment in which they are installed by adapting to the environment in which they are installed through several different paint and color options. It also gives an elegant aesthetic with the colors being compatible with each other. These air ducts are also actively used in cooling and heating systems. Insulation process can be done by using rubber foam in ventilation ducts produced with inner surfaces of 13 and 6.9 mm thickness. They vary in size from 80 millimeters to 1250 millimeters. The thickness of the galvanized sheet inside varies between 0.5 millimeters and 1.2 millimeters. Round ventilation channels provide impermeability and energy saving. It minimizes the leakages in the air ducts. It can be assembled quickly and easily. It is environment and nature friendly. Chemical soldering elements are not used. It is highly resistant to different temperatures. It is flexible and has an aesthetic and elegant appearance. It has practical hanger systems. Cleaning is quite easy. It allows you to install safe and economical ventilation systems with its high-strength special clamped round ventilation ducts, special gasket, original parts and wide accessories.

General features

  • Safe use up to +3000 Pa pressure value,
  • Wide product range between 80 mm and 1250 mm diameter,
  • Temperature resistance from -30 to +100 degrees,
  • Stainless steel, aluminum and galvanization feature,
  • Excellent air tightness thanks to the use of special gaskets,
  • Sheet thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm
  • Durability, easy and fast assembly feature.
  • Products with precise tolerances thanks to production in fully automatic machines,
  • High strength thanks to the special clamp system,
  • Safe use at positive or negative high pressures,


Kuzey Yıldızı Engineering

Our mission is to produce all products of industrial ventilation systems in accordance with international quality standards and today’s technology by closely following the innovations of the era and present them to our customers. Our vision is to be a company that is open to innovations, directs the sector, grows continuously, aims to meet customer expectations and solve problems, constantly learns, develops, produces and wants to provide employment by teaching the next generation. Our company closely follows the innovations of the era and produces all products related to industrial ventilation systems in accordance with international quality standards and today’s technology and presents them to our customers.

As a company, we offer opportunities to each other and sail to new horizons with the confidence of being one with our differences and the power of being together. We make our own rules, we only compete with ourselves instead of following them. To be the pioneer of innovation, we act agile and make decisions based on data and facts. We bring technological and visionary solutions to enrich human and social life at every point we touch. We find the strength required for all of these in our history, culture and art, and create unique areas of experience. Learning ignites our curiosity, and we continue our explorations by encouraging each other on this path. Not shying away from making mistakes represents the greatest freedom for each of us to add value. We are brave because we put forward a vision of “Good Future” to serve the country and the world with passion behind us.

Our Values and Principles

Especially our customers are our benefactor. In addition, it is our priority to meet the expectations of our customers and to be a solution to their problems. It is our duty to provide the necessary technical support after the delivery of the work and to always be with them. PIRSAN quality and assurance take place in all materials and devices manufactured within our quality body. Moreover, with the R&D studies carried out at certain periods, the condition of conformity with international standards is tried to be ensured and all devices are delivered with quality and controls before shipment. Necessary market researches are carried out for all materials supplied depending on the conditions and quality for which reasonable prices are requested, and the reflection of the low cost is positive for our customers. “To be remembered well” is always our biggest goal. It is our biggest goal that our company and our products are always well remembered with what we produce and what we will produce in the future. Business ethics is the most important condition for success. We always respect the differences, innovations and competition. Our staff are important building blocks for this formation. Providing them with a happy, peaceful, healthy and respectful working environment will add value to our company, our staff and what we produce. Zero work accident is our company principle. All kinds of personal protection are provided to our personnel.


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