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Prismatic Air Channels

Prismatic Air Channels

Prismatic Air Ducts

Prismatic Air Channels are divided into two as self flanged and Dek Flanged (Drilled) Prismatic Ducts.

Air Channels

Our air ducts are self-flange and are produced by adjusting the dimensions upon the request of our customers with prismatic cross-section made of galvanized and chrome sheet.

Unlike other companies, it has equipment (rool form device) that can produce “Self-Flanged Prismatic Channel”. For this reason, we serve the needs of our valued customers in the fastest and healthiest way without any problems.

With the equipment we have, galvanized and chrome sheets are prepared in an integrated manner in sheet thicknesses suitable for channel sizes.

Our air ducts are made of galvanized and chrome sheet, with prismatic cross-section, self-flange, produced in the dimensions you want and offered for sale.

Thanks to its high impermeability, self-flange air ducts prevent excessive energy consumption and accordingly, ensure more efficient and long-lasting operation of the system. Of course, upon your request, production and assembly can be made in accordance with your project.

Ducts are produced from DKP and aluminum plate and offered for sale. It is combined with sealing flange and corner equipment for high sealing. Sealing of joints is ensured with silicone during assembly. In open duct sections, flange gaps are secured with trapezoidal screws.

Our company, which produces without sacrificing quality standards, produces the best and most suitable for you.

Our environmentally friendly products are designed in accordance with current environmental laws.

Please call for detailed information and price.

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