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Precision Air Conditioning

Precision Air Conditioning

Precision Controlled Air Conditioning Systems

Precision controlled air conditioners have different features than standard air conditioners. The product, which can radiate heat to the environment they are in during their operation, can be programmed according to sensitive and variable settings. Precise air conditioners, which you can easily adjust to operate at ideal temperatures, provide excellent temperature and humidity control. You can choose precision-controlled air conditioners for environments where there are various data and items to be carefully protected among central cooling systems. If you are looking for a superior central air conditioning solution for data centers, you can choose a model with large capacities. For high-density racks and servers, precision-controlled air conditioners with direct expansion or cold water supply are ideal. Such a high-efficiency model comes with inverter compressor technology in DX types. Inverter compressors that adjust the engine speed are successfully fixed by staying at the targeted pressure. Among the precision-controlled air conditioners with high capacity and flow, there are also models that offer telecommunication solutions. The devices, which can be easily controlled with a user-friendly interface, also have models that offer 1 year uninterrupted operation.

Precision Controlled Air Conditioning Features

Thanks to its superior technical features, precision air conditioners perform flawless measurements. The product, which can detect changes in humidity and temperature that are invisible and hard to notice, provides high-level protection to many valuable data and telecommunication systems. In this way, the possibility of loss of information or financial damage can be prevented. All your important data is safe with a precision-controlled air conditioner that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Such a design with optional structure – can also work at an outside temperature of 20 degrees. With this advantage behind you, you can have a superior precision air conditioner for your telecommunication solutions. Such a model, which can be easily managed thanks to its compact structure, offers split or monoblock solutions.

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