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Embossed Air Duct

Embossed Air Duct

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Embossed Air Duct offers you convenience as an application. It provides advantageous usage as it does not require insulation, corrosion resistance and does not impose extra weight on the construction. The pre-insulated air duct, which is widely used in our country, has lost a very serious market due to misapplications over time. For this reason, it is still the first choice in many countries due to the extra features we mentioned above. The pre-insulated panel, which is produced in two different qualities, classically and most importantly hygienically, is produced in different thicknesses and features according to the place of use.

Especially the P3ductal-PITRE Embossed panel Careplus – Nano Channel Technology, of which we are the dealer, is the only self-cleaning technological product developed in the world. P3ductal-PİTRE, a world brand, has developed a new panel system. Thanks to a revolutionary coating system, this invention reduced the accumulation of dust and large particles on the inner surface of the air duct, thus providing a healthier, hygienic and comfortable air efficiency. Air duct cleaning has an important place in European standards. That is why many companies emphasize the cleanliness of the air duct system. It is technologically superior to conventional air duct systems. Embossed air ducts are more preferred in terms of minimizing energy costs. It can be used inside and outside of the building. Aluminum embossed air ducts are generally used in indoor swimming pools. Embossed air ducts, the inner surface of which are manufactured with epoxy coating, are also frequently preferred in operating room and clean room applications. Embossed air ducts have a very light structure due to the materials from which they are manufactured. While embossed air ducts are manufactured, they are manufactured on the construction site with a few special hand tools without the need for a workshop and machine. Embossed air ducts are covered with 80 micron thick aluminum material on both surfaces of 20 or 30 mm thick high density polyurethane plates. The outer parts of aluminum materials are covered with special epoxy paint. The epoxy outer coating can withstand the abrasive effects of sun, wind and rain for a long time. The Pre-Insulated system provides a high performance guarantee thanks to its unique panel structure and high standard accessories. Thanks to the PIR (Polyization Agent) on the panels and the Embossed Aluminum Foil coated on it, its insulation and hygiene properties are superior. The panels used in the Pre-Insulated systems are produced from high-density PIR (Polyization Agent) material with a closed cell structure. The aluminum foil on it provides strength, increases hygiene and UV resistance properties. PIR material has a high insulation value. Thanks to the structure of the materials that make up the panel, the air duct system does not need maintenance for many years. The aluminum foil on the panels does not corrode over time. It does not hold particles, it preserves its first day features. It carries the air in a healthy way. In special cases requiring maintenance, it is easy to disassemble and install the duct. Repair is as simple as assembly. Easy maintenance due to its light structure, does not impose static load on the structure.

Flex Air Duc
Flex Air Duc

Embossed Air Duct

It is an air duct panel designed for indoor use, coated with 80 micron Aluminum Foil on both surfaces, and easy to assemble and apply.

It is a panel designed for the construction of outdoor air ducts that can be used indoors and outdoors. The outer surface is covered with 200 micron aluminum foil in order to increase resistance to natural effects. Guarantees the life of your installation.

It is a specially patented Anti-bacterial Polymer Foil coated panel on both surfaces. Thanks to its durable structure, it maintains its anti-bacterial properties throughout its life. It is more durable than aluminum foil. It can be used easily indoors and outdoors. It is especially recommended for outdoor use. It is a long-lasting and healthy solution in environments requiring hygiene.


  • • Pre-insulated Embossed panels
  • • Connection Profiles
  • • Suspension and support elements
  • • Dampers
  • • Special adhesive silicone and tape
  • Assembly hand tools



There is no need for extra insulation material for embossed air ducts. The high-density polyurethane material, which is the main material of the air duct, acts as a very good insulator. The connection flanges of embossed air ducts are made of special aluminum extruded profiles. Connection flanges are joined to embossed duct material with special type adhesives. Embossed air ducts give 80% less load to the buildings where it is applied. Although embossed air duct prices are a bit more costly than other alternative systems, they become attractive due to their ease of manufacture and installation and also their high insulation effect. Embossed air ducts are more preferred in terms of minimizing energy costs. By securing constant and continuous ambient temperature, it exhibits excellent performance in preventing heat losses and gains that may occur due to temperature difference for the purpose of energy gain. There is no need for additional thermal insulation in NKS Panels. Thanks to its λ = 0.021 W/ m°K Heat Conduction Coefficient value, it provides 20% more thermal insulation than its competitors. It carries the air with up to 60% heat loss savings compared to conventional ducts. Pre-insulated air duct system has 3-4 times better performance than sheet metal ducts in terms of air loss and impermeability. All losses that may occur within the channels are at minimum levels. It is in Class D sealing class according to TS EN 1507 standard. Its light structure makes it easy to carry as a package. Production can be done easily at the construction site. The problems experienced in the shipment of classical channels are not experienced in Pre-Insulated duct systems. Due to this structure, it provides the opportunity to carry a large amount of materials and accessories at once. Thanks to the structure of the panels used in the Pre-Insulated air duct system, it is resistant to all kinds of water contacts. Thanks to its closed cell structure, PIR panels do not absorb water and thus do not deform. Pre-insulated duct systems, which will prevent the fire from being carried along the duct and poisoning people from toxic gases in case of a possible fire, are at the “C” level as a result of the tests carried out in accordance with the TS EN 13501 1_2007+A1_2010 standard. One of the most important features of Pre-Insulated duct systems is the ability to ash, and there is absolutely no ashing. Insulated duct panel and accessories have high resistance to ultraviolet rays. Even after many years, Pre-Insulated duct systems do not deform and can be used outdoors easily. Aluminum foil maintains its hygienic properties for many years thanks to its dirt-proof and corrosion-free structure. Bacteria formation is low compared to conventional sheet channels. It is a good solution for hygiene in buildings. PIR insulation material does not dust over time. According to the latest report published by the European Occupational Health and Safety Agency (OSHA), glasswool and rockwool used in the insulation of classical ducts are included in the possible carcinogens for humans. Pre-insulated duct systems can be used safely in the health and food industry. It provides significant energy savings by ensuring the economical and stable operation of air conditioning and ventilation units with its features that prevent sealing and pressure losses. Its superior insulation properties prevent heat loss and help conserve energy. It is the most advantageous system that meets the green building criteria. It is easy to assemble thanks to its low weight and easy handling. Construction and assembly steps are simple. It can be easily manufactured on cutting equipment and cutting table. Due to its structure and formulation, it makes the channel processing and preparation processes extremely easy. It creates fast, standard and safe production environments with processing accessories. It offers decorative and stylish privileges to application environments. Thanks to its self-insulating structure, the bad appearance of the subsequently coated insulation materials and the risk of deformation of these materials over time are not experienced in the Pre-Insulated panels. It is extremely light due to its weight of approximately 1.5 kg / m². Considering that the m² weight of the sheet ducts is 8-10 kg, it includes significant usage and assembly advantages.

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