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Embossed air duct

Embossed air duct

Embossed air duct

Embossed air duct provides convenience for you as it does not require insulation and provides corrosion resistance. It is advantageous because it does not put extra weight on the constructionThe pre-insulated air duct, which is widely used in our country, has lost a significant share in the market due to misapplications over time. For this reason, it is still the first choice in many countries due to the extra features we mentioned above. Pre-insulated panels, which are produced in two different segments, classically and most importantly hygienically, are produced in different thicknesses and features according to the place of use.

Especially the P3ductal-PITRE Embossed panel Careplus – Nano Channel Technology, of which we are the dealer, is the only self-cleaning technological product developed in the world. P3ductal-PİTRE, a world brand, has developed a new panel system. This revolutionary invention, thanks to a coating system, provided a healthier, hygienic and comfortable air efficiency by reducing the accumulation of dust and large particles on the inner surface of the air duct. Air duct cleaning has an important place in European standards. Therefore, many companies emphasize the cleanliness of the air duct system.


• Pre-insulated Embossed panels

• Connection Profiles

• Suspension and support elements

• Dampers

• Special adhesive silicone and tape

• Assembly hand tools


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