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Dkp Air Channel

Dkp Air Channel

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What is DKP Black Sheet Air Duct?

Dkp Air Channel is manufactured in 1.2 mm – 1.5 mm or 2 mm dimensions. It is also made of galvanized sheet according to demand. The risk of air leakage is very low, as it is self-flanged and all joints are welded. It is possible to divide into two groups as Prismatic DKP Black Air Duct and Circular DKP Black Air Duct. Let’s briefly describe them;

Dkp Air Channel is produced as welded between 1mm and 6mm in DW 144 Standards in the prismatic air duct. It has various manufactures. For example, we can list them as self flanged, gusset flanged, mitered and muffed. In circular air ducts, it is produced in thicknesses between 1 mm and 6 mm in accordance with DW 144 standards.

Where it is used Dkp Air Channel

It has a wide range of uses.

– Smoke evacuation during fire

– In Kitchen and Industrial Kitchens

– In hospitals

– Smoke evacuation in factories and dams

– It is offered for use wherever it is desired to reduce the sealing to zero.

Welded Air Ducts from Mild Steel and DKP

Welded and black steel sheet in DKP is used in many areas such as air ducts, smoke and fire evacuation, dams, factories, hospitals and industrial kitchens where the leakproof feature is desired. These types of air ducts vary. These are Black Sheet-DKP (Prismatic-Circular), Air duct welded from stainless sheet, flanged air duct made of aluminum sheet. Air ducts welded from black sheet and DKP consist of galvanized, aluminum and stainless materials. It is used where impermeability is required from hospitals to dams. It is made of DKP sheet metal and black sheet material between 1mm-5mm. Angle welded and self flanged. It is preferred for environments where there is no leakage like other air ducts. It is produced between 0.8mm-3mm. It consists of stainless material. Its flange is self-angle welded. Flanged Air Duct Made of Aluminum Sheet It is produced from aluminum material up to 0.5mm-2mm. It has a knock-out flange. The ends of the channels are twisted. With the twists made, the channel gains durability. Ease of assembly also arises because the terminal block is attached. Channel corners are welded with perforated corner elements and connected to each other with auxiliary nut and bolt. The desired shape is formed by bending one end of the duct 15mm and the other 20mm wide, in a position to take the L shape. In the assembly process, the short and long bends are overlapped and welded. The part we call the angle bracket frame is welded to the ends of the channel. Holes are drilled in the brackets. Thanks to these holes, the channels are connected to each other with bolts. One of the channel ends opens outwards to form a half channel. The channel end on the other side is welded into the muf to be opened and joined. Heat resistant gasket with ceramic material is used in flanged ducts. The reason is to increase the sealing quality.

Black Dkp Sheet Properties

Black Dkp Sheet is called DKP Sheet, which is the process of turning metals or just ferrous metal through thick cylinders into a plate. The black color of these plates is defined as Black DKP Sheet. The name given to all the stages in the formation of DKP is rolling. After the hot rolling, which is the first step of the rolling process, cold rolling, which is the last step of rolling, is done so that the sheet surface can be obtained properly. The sheets obtained after these processes can be of different thicknesses. Sheets that are desired to be cut or adjusted within certain standards and dimensions can be cut in desired dimensions with two rollers. In other words, Black Dkp sheets are obtained as a result of solidification of liquid steel. This solidification process is called slab. The product formed after the slab process is a flat iron-steel product. After hot rolling, the product is offered for sale in rolls or as flat plates. In general, pure iron and metals are used in black Dkp sheets, which have the characteristics of the material used. Iron-Steel products are among the most preferred products. Black Dkp sheets produced in this way, with the most common form of production, generally have a thickness between 1.5-2.0 mm, but dkp sheet products are produced between 0.30 and 2 mm. Thickness ratios can be adjusted. The only main reason for separating DKP sheets according to their color is the color difference. There is no feature difference between Diper Dkp sheets. Sheets in black color among Dkp sheets are called Black Dkp Sheets. According to the usage areas, black or other dkp sheet colors can be selected. Important fundamental differences between sheets occur during rolling. Regardless of which option is chosen as hot or cold rolling during the rolling phase, the resulting sheet products have the same characteristics. The points where the chemical properties differ, the product becomes thinner due to the extended length of the slabs after hot rolling. The examined product is generally offered for sale in rolls and is called sheet metal.

Black Dkp Sheet Properties

Dkp sheets are generally very widely used sheet metal products. Among the main reasons why the usage areas and usage amounts of these sheets are high and widespread are the features that Dkp sheets have within themselves.

These features can be listed like that:

Today, where laser cutting accelerates, Dkp sheets and black Dkp sheet models are very suitable materials for laser cutting. In this way, thanks to the speed of laser cutting during production, time saving and mass production profit are among positive results. After the concept of time, another issue that is very important in production is costs. In the production of black Dkp sheets, other detail costs, especially the mold cost, are reduced to a minimum. In black Dkp sheet production, the surface is smooth. There are no residues from these roughness, also called burrs, or any negativity that will destroy the property of the product. The surface of black Dkp sheets is smooth and burr-free. One of the most important points in sheet metal production is the relationship between the product and the source. All Dkp sheet metal products hold welds very well and quickly. Since the usage range of Dkp sheet products is quite wide, the preference rate is just as high. DKP sheets are a multi-purpose iron and steel product. 

DKP Black Sheet Air Duct
DKP Black Sheet Air Duct

Usage areas

Dkp sheet products are frequently used in the white goods industry due to the ease of formation stages and the features they have. The reason why it is widely used in kitchen tools and utensils is that Dkp black sheets are suitable for enamel coating. Apart from general usage areas, Black Dkp sheet products are frequently used in elevators, chemical industry, shipbuilding and food. As can be expected, it is also used a lot in the automotive sector, which is the most common product we come across in daily life.

Black Dkp sheets are also used as raw materials in many fields and sectors.

Black Dkp Sheet Types

Siyah Dkp sac ürünleri pek çok alanda farklı şekillerde kulanıldıkları için, ürün çeşitlendirmeleri de bir o kadar fazladır. Siyah Dkp Sac şekilleri aşağıdaki gibidir:

DKP Sheet Roll

Dkp Sheet Plate

Dkp Tape Slitting

Dkp Plate Cutting

Cr Sheet

Cr Slitting Sheet

Dkp Lama

Differences Between Black Dkp Sheet and Stainless Sheet

The differences between Black Dkp sheet and Stainless sheet are primarily the products used during production. Stainless steel sheets, like Black Dkp sheets, have a very wide frame in terms of usage. The reason why it is preferred is that it has a longer usage time, especially its formability, because stainless steels are strong in terms of corrosion resistance. Compared to black Dkp sheet products, it stains less, does not rust and has a more aesthetic structure. Different durability properties are available. It is generally produced in thicknesses of 6mm and less than 6mm. In other words, the thickness of mm is higher than the black Dkp sheets. For this reason, it provides tensile strength and can be used easily in heavier applications. Usage areas of Stainless Sheets are Food, Construction and general processing sectors.

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