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Clean Room Setup

Clean Room Setup

Clean Room Setup

We offer you all the details about the Clean Room Installation, with today’s needs and requirements, with our professional teammates and with our 30 years of experience and knowledge from the past to the present, within the scope of a modern service concept. Clean room setup is a service that requires expert knowledge, experience and know-how. Clean room panels will help clean the clean room from pollution by meticulously assembling the necessary materials and mechanisms. The special methods we have developed with our expert team for clean room installation help you and allow you to use it without any problems.

Clean rooms are areas separated from particles and microorganisms established for research and production. It is aimed to minimize the risk of contamination in the clean room. In cleanroom setup, it is aimed and acted upon to have smooth walls, ceiling joints and floors. The accessories used in the clean room installation of our company are antimicrobial and we carry out clean room installations in accordance with GMP and ISO standards, giving importance to hygiene. Some conditions are discussed for the installation, and the most important factor is that the floor and ceiling height of the area where the clean room will be installed must be in a suitable structure. Before our experts start work, the project should be designed and designed. After all the stages are completed, if there is no problem and the necessary conditions are met, the clean room installation begins. Our expert teammates and personnel carry out this process meticulously. After the installation, validation studies are activated and the system is activated.

Clean Room Setup

The use of clean rooms is very common in research laboratories and in the pharmaceutical, medical, food and electronic production sectors. Companies in the health, food and electronics sectors that produce under hygiene and contamination control conditions can benefit from our clean room installation service. It must be designed in accordance with GMP and ISO standards beforehand. Validation is required after clean room installation. Another detail in clean room installation is the installation of hygienic ventilation in our service.

Especially in organizations operating in such important sectors, clean rooms consist of factors that allow every stage of production to be of high quality. Our company assists and supports the sector in design and design. First of all, we prepare the design and design for the clean room installation and submit it to your approval. You can also benefit from our consultancy service during the clean room installation phase. Afterwards, you can benefit from the service privilege with our expert technical team, who always supports you in case of any problem.

If you want clean room installation related to your sector, you can reach our company and benefit from its wide service network. Our services are within the scope of warranty and you can get support from our expert staff for installation and after. In subsequent validation studies, our system successfully passes all tests. Thanks to the long life of the materials and equipment used in the clean room installation, they offer you advantageous and economical service. Our company allows you to create an effective usage period after the clean room installation. With our clean room ventilation systems, clean room installation is done reliably and delivered to you completely. After the clean room installations are made with this meticulousness, it offers you sterile and hygienic environments and maximizes your productivity.

Planning and Program

We request mutual consultation and exploration visit so that we can understand what you need and the best service to you. At this stage, we create the best for you by taking a broad look at what your business processes and goals are and how we can design the best possible clean room for you, taking into account your budget. Our clean room installation team conducts a site visit before each project. Here, potential challenges that could affect the project timeline or bottom lines are identified. The site reconnaissance visit allows us to prepare ahead of cleanroom installation and reduce potential inconvenience. Our experienced design engineers create a cleanroom project based on input from our sales and field operations teams. Starting from the initial concept data, we work closely with our customers to develop a final product that is tailored to their needs, but more importantly that will meet and exceed their expectations.

Clean Room Installation and Activation

Our installation team consists of Mechanical, Electrical and Automation teams. Every clean room is inspected by our engineers from design to delivery. In order to provide detailed information about each stage of the project, regular communication is established with our customers and pre-planned project meetings are held. Clean room performance and qualification tests are carried out in line with the demands of our customers. After successful validation tests, a clean room installation report is prepared, the work is delivered and the warranty period is started. Technical training is provided on clean room usage, maintenance and cleaning. Service and maintenance procedures are explained. Information is given on the continuation of the warranty period and conditions.

Kuzey Yıldızı Engineering

Our mission is all products of industrial ventilation systems; to closely follow the innovations brought by the age, to produce in accordance with international quality standards and today’s technology and to present them to our customers. Our vision is to be a company that is open to innovations, directs the sector, grows continuously, aims to meet customer expectations and solve problems, constantly learns, develops, produces and wants to provide employment by teaching the next generation. Our company closely follows the innovations of the era and produces all products related to industrial ventilation systems in accordance with international quality standards and today’s technology and presents them to our customers.

As a company, we offer opportunities to each other and sail to new horizons with the confidence of being one with our differences and the power of being together. We make our own rules, we only compete with ourselves instead of following them. To be the pioneer of innovation, we act agile and make decisions based on data and facts. We bring technological and visionary solutions to enrich human and social life at every point we touch. We find the strength required for all of these in our history, culture and art, and create unique areas of experience. Learning ignites our curiosity, and we continue our explorations by encouraging each other on this path. Not shying away from making mistakes represents the greatest freedom for each of us to add value. We are brave because we put forward a vision of “Good Future” to serve the country and the world with passion behind us.

Our Principles and Values

Our first priority is to meet all the demands of our customers and to find permanent solutions to their problems. It is our duty to provide the necessary technical support after the delivery of the work and to always be with them. PIRSAN quality and assurance take place in all materials and devices manufactured within our quality body. Moreover, with the R&D studies carried out at certain periods, the condition of conformity with international standards is tried to be ensured and all devices are delivered with quality and controls before shipment. Reasonable price Necessary market researches are carried out for all materials supplied depending on the required conditions and quality, and the reflection of the low cost is positive for our customers. Our biggest goal is always to be “well remembered”; It is our biggest goal that our company and our products are always well remembered with what we produce and what we will produce in the future. Business ethics is the most important condition for success. We always respect the differences, innovations and competition. Our staff are important building blocks for this formation. Providing them with a happy, peaceful, healthy and respectful working environment will add value to our company, our staff and what we produce. Zero work accident is our company principle. All kinds of personal protection are provided to our personnel.

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